Electric Gate Openers

Automatic Gate Opener Repair or Replacement Assessment

Do you own a condominium complex or an apartment building? Do you manage a commercial facility? If there is an automatic gate opener on the premises, you know how easy it can make things for residents and associates when they are coming and going. It offers convenience when residents are moving in or out and it also offers greater security for everyone. What happens, though, when the gate fails to operate correctly because the opener has malfunctioned?

That can be a problem that leads to a lot of inconvenience and worse, complaints, from residents. If the gate is securing a commercial or industrial complex you really do not have time to wait for a repair. In both situations, you need to have a service available to help with any repairs right away.

You cannot afford to wait long to have the service come to evaluate what repairs the opener needs. Your residents, employees, clients or vendors need access to the property without delay.   The gate service you work with needs to be prompt in responding to repair calls. They also need to have specific tools and expertise to diagnose and repair all brands of openers.

You could prop the gate open temporarily to allow everyone access, but you only want to do this for so long. Doing this leaves the property susceptible to thefts or trespassing.  It is also a serious safety hazard. The motor could switch on unexpectedly as someone is driving in or out causing severe damage to their vehicle. It could also cause injuries to the person or persons inside.

If you are handy with repairs you could try to determine what needs to be fixed and do it yourself.  If you are not an expert at repairing an automatic gate opener, or you have never tried fixing that specific brand, it could end up costing more money. A professional gate repair company would have to be called anyway to fix the repair.

Always leave gate opener repairs to the professionals and to the professionals you can trust. They can diagnose what is wrong with it. Sometimes, the opener needs to be replaced and not just fixed. This is often the case when the opener is very old. If you are working with a company that is less than 100 percent ethical, they may try to push you to replace the opener when it only needs new batteries or it needs a simple repair.

It is more expensive for you to buy a replacement, and easier for them to take care of. You need to trust your gate repair company to properly diagnose what is wrong with the opener and honestly let you know whether it needs a repair or a replacement.

There are times where the batteries need to be replaced. All of these situations depend on the brand or the system. Trust a reliable gate repair company to assess if a repair or replacement is needed for your opener.  With their help, it will be working again soon.